Our new, modern brand identity underpins Logopak’s claim to leadership in industrial labelling and visualises our promise of providing “Faster. Safer. Greener.” solutions.

From challenges to opportunities

Welcome to the future of labelling

The world of production is changing rapidly. The future of labelling is digitised and automated, fast and flexible, efficient and safe, and, most of all, sustainable.

It is our aim to work closely together with our customers in order to achieve our common goal of successfully mastering the complex challenges involved in modern production and logistic chains. As part of our growth and innovation strategy, we have therefore implemented a wide range of pioneering measures and strengthened our competencies even further.

”The Perfect Labelling System“

We want to come even closer to our customers and their specific needs in the future. We support them by providing innovative and sustainable systems, digital solutions, and comprehensive services. This is how we keep our promise of enabling fast, safe and environmentally friendly value-added processes, or, as well call it: “Faster. Safer. Greener.”

Our new brand identity

We have developed our new logo and brand identity to visualise our outstanding competencies in the field of industrial labelling. Our new corporate image conveys both our core values – innovation, sustainability and commitment – and the very essence of our brand, namely “better labelling”. Characterised by expressive picture elements and a modern, future-oriented design, it reflects our strong position in the field of digitisation.